Impact of Team Building Activities

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  An organisation’s success depends on how well their employees are able to co-operate across projects and everyday tasks. Team building activities help in achieving a better workplace with more close-knit relationships that then have a positive impact on company processes and goals.

  CFO of Scholastic, Maureen O’Connell suggests that team building programs should be undertaken by every organisation in order to have a well built team and that the strategies should be included in the standard training curriculum.

 Team-building activities provide an upbeat and powerful team experience allowing companies to compete effectively by enabling staff at all levels to work as team players. Studies found out that 87% percent of employees who were highly engaged in team activities were less likely to leave their companies as compared their disengaged counterparts.  Here are a few more benefits of team building activities:

  • It improves employee’s morale and leadership skills and motivated them to work for the organisation
  • It finds all the barriers that thwart one’s creativity & helps in overcoming those roadblocks
  • It defines objectives and goals of the organisation and helps one realise what they are working towards
  • It improves organisational productivity by making employees happier, motivated & more satisfied as workers
  • It identifies a team’s strengths and weaknesses and in turn benefits employees
  • It improves problem solving skills and increases employees’ interaction with each other
  • It helps an organisation achieve its long term goals. When employees work together with each other, they are able to take up more challenges & are able to respond quicker.

All in all, while hiring the right candidates is certainly important, it is evident that only choosing right people is not enough for company’s success. Team building activities not only help your employees work well together, but they also reduce workplace friction, prevent good people from leaving your company, help your company solve problems more easily and even leads to the creation of new goods and/or services that will propel your company forward into the future.

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